July 31, 2019

Filling the Shoes of Friend and Leader Dorothy Mullen Will Take a Team

To the Editor:

Thank you for capturing the tone of the room in your  report on the Princeton Public Schools Board of Education’s proclamation honoring Dorothy Mullen [Princeton Suppers Program Faces a Sobering Future,” pg. 10, July 17]. It was an amazing tribute as the room was filled to capacity with people who have been touched by Dorothy. For more than two decades, our friend and leader “Dor” has climbed out on a limb, espousing once-edgy ideas about school gardening, healthy, unprocessed food and non-toxic environments as drivers of wellness and mental health — ideas that are now the subject of headlines in the mainstream press.

Filling the shoes of this one woman as a champion of environmental action and a voice for the role of nutrition and social support in building a healthy community will take a team. Dor’s resolute, foresighted actions to turn her values into community programs have benefited people throughout the Princeton community, the school district, and well beyond.

We’re grateful to the Board of Education and Town Topics for acknowledging our local treasure.

As members of the Suppers transition team, we’re hopeful and excited about the future of Suppers and ask that you follow our progress and activities. We can be reached via email at health@thesuppersprograms.org.

Fiona Capstick
Leavitt Lane

Marion Reinson
Cherry Brook Drive

Lee Yonish
Turner Court