July 31, 2019

Explaining Why Someone from England Cares About Princeton Community TV

To the Editor:

I am writing from London, England in support of Princeton Community TV. The station provides a valuable service and deserves to be supported. Here is why someone from England cares about Princeton Community TV.

I grew up in Princeton and attended Princeton High School, so have an affinity to the town. In 2017, I launched a book, which I co-authored, about the life-and-death decisions made by the early Antarctic explorers, called When Your Life Depends on It.

In the process of launching the book, through local connections, I met Dr. Joan Goldstein who runs a Princeton Community TV talk show where she interviews interesting people. I was immediately impressed by Dr. Goldstein and the Princeton Community TV staff that I met. I was thrilled that Dr. Goldstein invited me to appear on her show.

I flew over specifically for the taping of the show. Dr. Goldstein had thoroughly researched the topic and read my book prior to the interview. She and the staff put me at ease, and thanks to her intelligent questioning, we created an amazing show, which features on my website.

For me, the Princeton Community TV interview with Dr. Goldstein was the most important launch event we had, and that is in comparison to launches at Antarctic conferences at the Fram Museum in Oslo, and the Discovery Museum in Dundee Scotland. Both museums house historic ships used by the early Antarctic explorers.

It was Dr. Goldstein’s enthusiasm for the book that gave me the confidence to promote it worldwide, resulting in the audio book for our book being a finalist in the Voice Arts Awards (Best Audio Book — History category). The Award event took place in Hollywood and was hosted by Sigourney Weaver.

Without the launch interview TV show at Princeton Community TV, none of this would have been possible. I have subsequently appeared two more times on her show and have met more of the remarkable and talented staff at Princeton Community TV. I am currently co-writing another book, and our intention is to launch that book on her show. I sincerely hope that Princeton Community TV is funded and supported for the long term.

Brad Borkan

Editor’s Note: While we’ve been unable to run all the letters we’ve received on this subject and although the municipality’s decision appears to be unequivocal, we have continued to run a limited number as testimonials to what has been a valuable community service.