July 24, 2019

Paying Tribute to Dorothy Mullen And Her Life-Changing Vision

To the Editor:

As many know, the Princeton Board of Education issued a proclamation last week honoring Dorothy Mullen, the founder of the Suppers Program. Dor, as we all know her, has recently been diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer and has elected to forgo any treatment. The proclamation was issued as a way to honor her extraordinary work with young elementary school students, helping them build and maintain a huge garden at the Riverside School and, in the process, learn about nutritious eating. But Dor’s reach extends far beyond those young people. By founding Suppers in 2001, she invited hundreds into her home to learn about whole foods, prepare nutritious meals, and build a non-judgmental community of followers all eager to improve their health through nutritious meals.

At the beginning of every shared meal, we had the following opening: “Let gratitude fill me, family and friendship sustain me, and respect for my body, mind, and spirit guide my choices.” I am writing, not only to pay tribute to this phenomenal woman and her life-changing vision, but also to invite all those who in one way or another have benefited from her work, to help sustain it by making a donation to Suppers on their website www.suppersprogram.org. I know of no better way to truly express that gratitude that fills so many of us for the legacy of this extraordinary woman.

Julie Denny
Poe Road