July 3, 2019

The Arc Mercer Inc. Offers A PCTV Success Story

To the Editor:

A proud member of Princeton Community TV, The Arc Mercer Inc. is writing to support the station, which continues to provide a valuable service to the disabled community, not only in Princeton, but throughout Mercer County.

PCTV has given the population of the developmentally disabled an outlet to which they have never had access; an outlet to share their visions while educating the people of Princeton about the disabled community.

With help from PCTV’s staff, these individuals have also learned technical skills in television production such as proper equipment usage, interviewing techniques, lighting, and sound amongst many other tricks of the trade.

We initially collaborated with the station via a grant given by them to a nonprofit to create a documentary about our programming.  As a result, our film was entered into the Princeton Film Festival where we took the grand jury prize for Best Documentary. The award had a tremendous effect on our consumers in that it created a wave of confidence throughout our disabled community.

Princeton Community TV is a terrific resource for Princeton that provides a valuable service to the community.  Maintaining a public access station and resources to the people is very important because it gives a voice to those who would otherwise go unheard.  And as previously stated the educational value it has on the community is invaluable.

Kirk Ponton
Senior Community Engagement Manager
The Arc Mercer Inc.