June 12, 2019

Michelle Pirone Lambros Thanks Voters for Support

To the Editor:

I want to thank each and every Princetonian who cast a vote for me in last week’s Democratic primary. Your support signaled that you were ready for a change.

I am running on a platform of increased support for the small business community and smart economic growth combined with a faith that new partnerships and innovations can save our municipality money while continuing to address the needs of our most vulnerable neighbors. I consider my victory last week, our victory. We know there are more efficient and more creative ways to run our town, and your votes signify a faith in that future.

Over the past four months, I have walked most every neighborhood in Princeton. I spoke to hundreds of residents who overwhelmingly agreed on a number of priorities. Among these are better infrastructure, access to a more vibrant downtown, and a driving concern over the cost of living that makes Princeton increasingly unaffordable except to the very wealthy. These conversations confirmed my priorities as a candidate and will continue to shape my campaign heading into the general election.

Again, thank you for your faith in my candidacy, and I look forward to continued conversations so I can best represent you on the Council after the November general election.

One final note. To any of you with an urge to serve your community, let my experience be a beacon. After the 2016 election, I decided I wanted to serve my community. I went through the Emerge NJ Program that trains Democratic women to step up and run for political office. I ran for Princeton Council in 2018 and I lost. But I got back up, and tried again. I received neither the party endorsement nor the party line. My point: if you have the desire to run, go for it.

Michelle Pirone Lambros
Stuart Road East