May 29, 2019

PSRC Seeking Compromise On Early Exercise Classes

By Anne Levin

The cancellation of an 8 a.m. exercise class at Princeton Senior Resource Center (PSRC) last month was disappointing news to those who regularly attended the weekday morning sessions. Responding to their concerns, the senior center administration is trying to come up with a mutually beneficial compromise.

“We’re looking at all types of possibilities,” PSRC Executive Director Drew Dyson said Tuesday. “We have to be financially sustainable for our organization. But today, we worked with several women from the class to see if we can come up with a solution for our early birds.”

Dyson said last week that the Early Bird Aerobics class has averaged just under seven people a day this year. “Our exercise classes vary in popularity,” he said last week. “Other classes later in the day are better attended.”

PSRC’s 9:15 a.m. class is given three days a week in partnership with the town’s recreation department. Among the other classes offered at the center are Zumba, Table Tennis, Yoga, and Chair Exercise. The sessions, open to Princeton residents and non-residents, are fee-based.

The last 8 a.m. class is this Friday. ”On April 24 we were informed that the Center was canceling the class as of May 31,” one of the members wrote in a letter to Town Topics’ Mailbox on May 15. “We are devastated. We urge those who support the Senior Center to reconsider this unconscionable decision and reverse it.”

Dyson, who has been executive director of PSRC since March 19, said the center has not broken even on the 8 a.m. class for a number of years. But he is hopeful that a compromise can be reached.

“PSRC is committed to the health and well-being of our seniors,” he said. “It was good for us to sit down together with them. There is some agreement that we want to move forward in a positive way. Working together toward a solution, and not attacking in a public venue, is the best thing. We will hope to say more when we come up with a solution.”