May 29, 2019

Planning, Design Professionals Voice Strong Support for Mia Sacks

To the Editor:

We write as longtime Princeton residents and experienced professionals in the area of municipal planning and community design. In recent years, we have joined our community in watching with dismay as less-than-optimal decisions have been made that negatively impact the future of our town. We are concerned about the absence of thoughtful, fact-and-design-based decision-making, for aspects and areas of our community in great need of attention — from parking to zoning to affordable housing to infrastructure improvements and many other areas that require appropriate planning.

We believe that Mia Sacks is the candidate most equipped, through background, experience, and proven service to Princeton, to address these deficiencies in municipal leadership. Mia has spent an extraordinary amount of time working to develop a sophisticated working knowledge of our town’s physical character, economic dynamics, political and legal structure. She is well-versed in the fundamental elements of municipal governance — public policy, infrastructure, municipal finance, transportation, education, and land use.

Mia has spent the last decade working on local issues, serving her community and learning how to govern. She is dedicated to thoughtful, well-conceived planning and the environmental health of our town — two issues that are hugely important to us and vital to the future of our town.

Scores of our friends and neighbors in government and in community organizations have worked with Mia and come to rely upon her diligence and trust her judgment. There is no substitute for credibility derived from hard work and a proven commitment — demonstrated over time — to the key issues confronting our town. Elections really do have consequences. It is for that reason we urge you to join us in voting to elect Mia Sacks for Princeton Council on June 4.

Carlos Rodriguez
Moore Street

Ron Berlin
Jefferson Road

Kevin Wilkes
Belle Mead

Joel Schwartz
Armour Road

Abel Smith
Leigh Avenue