May 29, 2019

Civic Engagement in Princeton Has Been a Theme of Tim Quinn’s Career

To the Editor:

Frequently we have difficult choices to make for government elections, in this case for Princeton Council. Today we find ourselves in an unusual circumstance. We have a Council with small amount of experience and with lots of energy. Focusing that energy requires experience. Second to the mayor, Tim has the experience to help lead on a number of the issues confronting the town. He has been and can continue to be a positive, knowledgeable force and a consensus builder working with the other Council members. While all members of Council are congenial, they are all opinionated and strong willed. Tim has the management skills to bring different opinions together to reach a common solution.

Institutional memory is also important. While fresh ideas are important, context is also important if not necessary. Tim has served on a number of boards and committees. This experience allows him to provide gravitas to the meetings with the newer Council members.

Included on Tim’s long list of civic engagement is his election to and participation on the Princeton School Board. He has successfully and effectively served on the Planning Board, Civil Rights Commission, Finance Committee, as Fire Commissioner, Environmental Commission, Bike Commission and has worked at the Princeton Public Library for almost 20 years. Civic engagement in Princeton has been a theme of Tim’s career. Extending that engagement, re-electing Tim, allowing him to continue serving his life’s passion and continue to serve our community is something I strongly support.

The primary election is on June 4. Please remember to vote.

Ross Wishnick
Edgerstoune Road