May 29, 2019

Bayard Rustin Center Eagerly Preparing for Pride Parade

To the Editor:

As the Community Outreach Coordinator of the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice, I want to thank Town Topics for sharing the news of the upcoming Pride Parade [“First Pride Parade in Princeton Planned for Saturday, June 22, pg. one, May 22]. We are eagerly preparing for this event.

As the Center’s resident lesbian feminist and longtime activist in the LGBTQIA community, I am thrilled to have been an integral part in the evolution of this significant moment in Pride history.

I am proud that we are organizing this event, which is historic not only in that it is the first Pride Parade in Princeton but also in its striving to bring together multiple communities following the route through the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood of Princeton.

All are welcome to register, march in the Parade, and/or have a booth at the parade’s after party on the grounds of the Princeton YMCA/YWCA. The registration form and more information can be found at

Carol Watchler
Community Outreach Coordinator, BRCSJ