May 29, 2019

Democrat Leaders Support Pirone Lambros for Council

To the Editor:

As the Democratic primary looms, Princetonians are asking themselves: What skills should a Council member have to effectively govern our town during this particularly challenging period?

In our opinion, the primary responsibility of a council member is a fiduciary one. Someone with financial skills is a must. We want our tax dollars spent wisely, and we need someone with experience in business. Michelle brings a wealth of international business experience to the task of managing Princeton’s finances. In the U.S. and abroad, she oversaw multi-million dollar projects, managed six-figure infrastructure contracts, pulled off public-private partnerships with multiple vendors on time and under budget.

We’ve decided to endorse her because she shows up, rolls up her sleeves, and gets to work. She’s not yet on the Council, but she has already been instrumental in negotiating the parking meter rate resolution announced last week. She is involved in the Economic Development Committee, the Bike Advisory Committee, and the Zoning Board and is working on streamlining zoning for business start-ups, she has gotten private funding for bike racks, and has sensible ideas for private funding for a dog park and expansion of the FreeB bus service — all great issues that will help make our town accessible, livable, and sustainable.

As current freeholder and former Princeton Council president, and as former Princeton Township Municipal Committee chair and past president of the PCDO, we’ve seen a lot of Council races. And we know a top contender when we meet one. Michelle’s our choice. She has already received an extraordinary number of endorsements, from current and former elected officials, esteemed members of the business community, the African American community, and the Latinx community.

We want a tough and thoughtful negotiator. Someone to push back against excessive consultants whose recommendations often require a keen and skeptical eye. Someone with experience to know the best solution is seldom a binary choice, but who can imagine creative alternatives. We want an advocate for all. This means the middle class, the working poor, and our business owners. Michelle has garnered support from all these constituencies.

We hope you will join us in voting for Michelle on June 4. The sensible choice for fiscal responsibility, progressive policies, and entrepreneurial leadership.

Jon Durbin
Mt. Lucas Road

Andrew Koontz
Spruce Street