May 15, 2019

With Spring Here, Resident Asks What the Legal Limit Is for Noise

To the Editor;

Beautiful spring is now upon us. The trees are leafing out, the grass is growing, the flowers are blooming. All is beautiful in that spring-like way!

I am wondering, though, what the legal limit is for noise. Leaf blowers have also become snow blowers, grass blowers. So while the noise from them used to be limited to a certain phase of the year, we now have those sounds most of the year. Trees are cut down and/or trimmed back. More noise and plenty of it. And how about mowers?

Beyond the noise, how about the environmental impact that these gasoline-powered machines use? How about the military interests we have around the world to support the gas and oil we use so that our grass can be short?

The USA has come up with some good inventions over the years. Surely we can figure out this one. There is no need to accept noise and pollution as a byproduct of maintaining lawns or anything else. It is not enough to (as we so proudly do in Princeton) KNOW about things. Let that knowledge move us to change our ways so that the greener world we all need is healed. It is possible. And no, I am not asking anyone to “take a small step” in this effort. Huge steps and many steps are required at this point. Not by some but by all.

Now then, while my house and property are eco-friendly, there is much in my life (this laptop for example) that makes me somewhat of a hypocrite in this conversation. I also drive a car; but I do group my errands. I do not buy anything with styrofoam. I avoid plastic whenever possible.   Still, there is much need for improvement and much of that responsibility is in the hands of manufacturers. Wealth has only one element that is financial. Wealth is also a healthy, all natural, environmentally-safe life.

Hopefully, whoever reads this will also think of ways to live quieter, healthier, and happier lives. Let’s try it!

Georgina A. Laidlaw
Cherry Valley Road