May 15, 2019

Four Former Mayors Endorse Lambros for Princeton Council

To the Editor:

We write as Princetonians, Democrats, and former mayors to endorse Michelle Pirone Lambros for Princeton Council. The last quarter century has brought Princeton to a crossroads. Transformations in infrastructure, public services, and housing challenge us to match our unique history with 21st century realities. We need to make the best decisions for all Princetonians, whether they descend from six generations or have recently arrived without official papers. To succeed, we need a Council with a breadth of experiences and talents.

Michelle stands out as the much-needed fresh Democratic voice to complement the current Council’s skills and sensibilities. In our experience, a collective 20 years as Princeton’s mayor, municipal government works best when a variety of perspectives and backgrounds come into play. Michelle understands the importance of bringing together multiple stakes holders.  She’s a keen and tested negotiator who played a central role in winning last week’s ruling to reduce parking meter rates. She’s an active and responsive listener who works her heart out to deliver.

At this decisive moment, Princeton can’t afford to stick with a worthy status quo. It needs an expansive Council, where the conventional wisdom is open to question. It needs Michelle Pirone Lambros, whom we support with confidence and enthusiasm.

Cathleen R. Litvak, Phyllis L. Marchand, Bernie Miller, Michele Tuck-Ponder