May 8, 2019

Supporting Tim Quinn’s Re-Election Campaign for Princeton Council

To the Editor,

We are happy to support Tim Quinn’s re-election campaign for Princeton Council. We met Tim in 2008, when he was new on the Board of Education and volunteered to be liaison to the Minority Education Committee, a group of residents who were concerned with equity in the schools. Tim didn’t talk much at first. He spent most of his time listening as the members of the committee shared their experiences with discrimination in Princeton. He answered questions when asked, but took the time to learn more about the African American and Latino experience in Princeton.

When it was time for action, Tim was prepared to advocate for minority students and to participate in the committee’s parent outreach efforts. We kept in touch with Tim and noticed how his advocacy carried over into his professional work at the library and now to his work on Princeton Council. As the first liaison to the re-established Civil Rights Commission, Tim followed the same way of doing things: he listened, answered questions, and helped to connect the commission with the resources it needed to do its work.

We urge you to vote for Tim Quinn on June 4 so he can continue his good work on behalf of everyone in Princeton. He has the knowledge and experience to get things done.

Fern and Larry Spruill
Oak Lane