April 10, 2019

Pirone Lambros Understands That Alliances Are Key to Future

To the Editor:

The Council needs a new voice!! I support Michelle Pirone Lambros for Princeton Council because she sees Princeton’s potential for 21st century greatness. She has real plans for strategic partnerships between the municipality, the University, and the local economy. Princeton should be a crucible for innovation, and our town must work hand-in-hand with the other sectors to make change happen. She’s the only candidate who understands the importance of a strong local economy to offset property tax increases.

The recent parking meter fiasco hurt local businesses, actually decreasing revenue more than 10 percent on average during the critical retail Christmas season. It also created the opposite of the intended result — to help the local economy; now residents are resistant to patronize businesses they were otherwise supporting. The fact that the Council spent $150,000 on two parking consultants, and this mess was the resulting plan, should concern taxpayers.

Michelle Pirone Lambros wisely understands the University should be a partner for services and projects, in addition to a full-fare paying part of the community. For example, tapping into the University’s Entrepreneurial Hub at the Keller Center could be a strategy for attracting and nurturing small businesses in the community. The creation of a community center in the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood, to provide needed services such as urgent care and laundry facilities, could also be another private-public partnership strategy.

Philip Haimm
Harris Road