March 20, 2019

Supporting Michelle Lambros, A Fresh Face with New Ideas

To the Editor:

One of the reasons I have found living in Princeton to be different from living elsewhere is the variety and depth of contacts I have found possible here. Conversation is lively and intelligent, and people seek earnestly for answers to real problems, both personal and national.

But I think the most remarkable person I have met is Michelle Pirone Lambros. As a member of her campaign’s kitchen cabinet, I’ve seen how she receives the suggestions of a lively group of committed volunteers, all typical of the personalities I’ve encountered in 10 years here. She says little. She listens, she rejects ideas that might offend and explores ideas that make good sense. She takes notes, asks questions. She assigns to herself the task of getting answers, and to reaching out for help from further knowledgeable contacts. When offered help, she has specific assignments and responds freely. “Can you find this out?” “Can you research that?”

In other words, Michelle models responsive government. A campaign is a model for action: a problem, a challenge, questions, sorting through of resources, an idea, an action, and results.

Michelle’s education and entrepreneurial experience extend beyond the limits of Princeton. She brings not only her family and personal history of deep Princeton roots but also her broad experience in finding solutions within cultures as diverse as Florida, the Middle East, Washington, D.C., and Mexico.

It’s not enough to know Princeton. To solve intractable problems we will have to go beyond what we know to understand what we do not yet know, to find answers. Michelle is the best example I have seen of that kind of candidate.

Mary Clurman
Harris Road