March 13, 2019

Lambros Has a Rare Combination: A Tough Mind and an Activist Soul

To the Editor:

I urge my fellow Democrats to support Michelle Pirone Lambros for municipal Council at the PCDO Endorsement meeting on March 17. I’m speaking up because I strongly believe the times have met with the right candidate for the Council. Michelle has a rare combination of a tough mind and an activist soul. She has the interests of all Princeton deeply at heart, but knows that saying as much is always subject to proof.

We Democrats always do our best when we have the know-how and competence to back up our admirable phrases and ideals. Michelle’s formidable proposals, not least for providing community resources to Princeton’s most vulnerable families, reflect her bedrock Democratic values. So do her imaginative but entirely practicable solutions about supporting these proposals with partnerships between the municipality and the private sector. She combines a strong vision for the future with the kind of hard-won realism that makes change possible.

In more than 50 years of political involvement, I have had the privilege to work for and with some extraordinary leaders, from Robert Kennedy and John Lewis to Hillary Clinton. In my nearly 40 years of living in Princeton, the community has been blessed with leaders of the caliber of Barbara Boggs Sigmund, Mildred Trotman, and Phyllis Marchand. Michelle Pirone Lambros is running for the Council in the spirit of those great Democrats, and I hope others will join me in voting for her on Sunday and again in the June primary.

Sean Wilentz
Edgehill Street