March 13, 2019

First-Class Products, Service, and Expertise From New Jersey Camera & One Hour Photo

IMAGE EXPERTISE: “We have a niche. No one else in the area is just like us. We’re full service, offering new and used cameras, rentals, trade-in, restoration, repair, film processing, and knowledgeable advice.” The staff at New Jersey Camera & One Hour Photo in the Lawrence Shopping Center is proud of their long history of service and quality products. Shown, from left, are manager Eric Kramer and owners Bennie Williams, Doug Masin, and Leon Treskunov.

By Jean Stratton

The changes in photography have been almost unimaginable. Film transitioning to digital; Kodak — an icon of the industry — almost gone.

Who could believe 20 years ago that the general public would regularly snap pictures with their phones? Who heard of a smartphone? The sheer speed of the changes is both amazing and unsettling.


Nevertheless, even in the age of instant turnaround and non-stop action, some things remain. Knowledgeable, reliable service, high quality products, and helpful face-to-face interaction are still welcome in our world, and in business transactions.

New Jersey Camera & One Hour Photo offers such an experience for its customers. Located in the Lawrence Shopping Center at 2495 Brunswick Pike for the past year, it has served the area in various other locations for many years.

Owners Doug Masin, Leon Treskunov, and Bennie Williams and manager Eric Kramer offer expertise in all areas of photography, printing, equipment, and the latest technological advances.

“We can do so much for our customers,” points out Doug Masin, who has been in the camera and photo lab business for 30 years. “We buy, sell, trade, and repair cameras, offering all the brands such as Sony, Nikon, Leica, Canon, and others.

“We can print in many areas, including from phones and from slides, and we can also restore old photos that are faded or damaged. We can scan old slides onto a disk or fast drive, and do also do VHS transfers to DVDs and to flash drives— and we do everything in-house. Nothing is sent out.”

In something of a turnaround, he adds, in this day of instant everything, there has recently been new interest in film. “This has really surprised me,” says Masin. “In 1999/2000, I had the best years in film. After that, it plummeted, and everything was digital. Now, there has been a resurgence of interest in film, especially among younger people.

“They like to use disposable cameras with film. For a lot of people, it’s fun waiting to see what the picture will look like. It’s the anticipation. The way it used to be, waiting for the film to be developed — unlike today, with the instant digital format.”

Special Meaning

Masin particularly enjoys the restoration of old photos and the printing process. He becomes involved with customers to whom a particular image has special meaning. “It’s very personal when people share their lives with us through their photos. Lots of times, they’ll bring in photos of pets who have died or other special images that are important to them.”

Helping clients with photographic advice in all areas is the specialty of manager Eric Kramer, a professional photographer himself. He finds his position at New Jersey Camera to be a perfect match with his work as a photographer.

“I was originally a customer at the store, and then ended up working here,” he explains. “I wanted to learn more about the camera sales end and the printing. It’s been great.”

With his focus and experience in portraits, wedding photos, and social media, he is in an ideal position to advise customers, who range from professional photographers to beginners.

“I can help people with advice about settings, composition of pictures, different cameras, etc. As a visual artist, I try to help you to make your images look even better.”

Full Range

He adds that customers are interested in the full range of cameras, and he can assist them in finding the model most appropriate for their needs. “If someone is new to photography, they may want to rent one to try it out. Our customers are across the board, including kids just learning and also retirees who may be taking up photography as a new hobby. Of course, we get lots of people who want to take pictures when they go on vacation.

“Our clients are from Princeton and the area, both longtime regulars and new customers, and they’re interested in the full range of what we offer, from renting or buying a camera to film processing to restoration. Whatever their goal, I enjoy being able to supply someone with the tools they need to capture an image. Also, in February, we are scheduling a series of classes and seminars for all areas of photography.”

Many customers visit the store regularly, and New Jersey Camera also enjoys a thriving online business, essential to today’s world of buying and selling.

In addition, notes Masin, “It is necessary to keep up-to-date with all the new technology and advances. Eric is very knowledgeable about all this.”

Along with cameras, customers will find a full range of accessories at the store. Camera bags, flashes, camera batteries, filters, tripods, of course, film, and also picture frames are all available, as are passport photos.

The owners look forward to a long stay in the Lawrence Shopping Center, which is currently undergoing a renovation, with many more stores on the horizon.

“We really enjoy helping our customers,” says Doug Masin. “We try to offer a very comfortable, warm atmosphere, and we like interacting with the customers. We look forward to continuing to offer high quality service, printing, and products. And we do our best to provide what they need within their budget. We are here to stay!”

And, while fully immersed in the high-tech world of today, New Jersey Camera & One Hour Photo offers the singular service that has stood the test of time.

The store is open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (609) 799-0081.Website: