February 26, 2019

Certain That Our Municipal Team Can Come Up with Creative Parking Solution

To the Editor:

Princeton is a unique town that is not without its challenges, one of which is perennial … parking. At recent meetings, local merchants shared that the new parking system is presenting real challenges, deterring potential customers, and causing a financial hardship for their employees. Though parking may not be the only challenge facing local retailers, it is something that as a town, we could better control.

I am grateful for our retail shops for a number of reasons beyond their excellent wares. So many of them are examples of what we should want local businesses to be: thoughtful employers and committed community partners. These are businesses that invest in this town as business people, as employers, and as citizens. I would like to see us set our intentions to invest in them both as consumers and as a community.

I feel certain that the thoughtful people on our municipal team can come up with a creative solution (parking permits or designated parking for employees, tax abatement, etc.). I hope that we will demonstrate that we see the value in the business owners, retailers, and restaurateurs who go above and beyond in partnership with our community.

Kim Dorman
Patton Avenue