January 23, 2019

YWCA Princeton Hosting Forum January 24 on Gender-Based Violence

To the Editor:

We are now one year after the #MeToo movement began, but for so many, justice does not exist. The YWCA Princeton is focused on building a safe, economically secure future for women and girls. Our mission, which is to eliminate racism and empower women, can only be accomplished when we secure a future that is free from social inequities. Every action counts and now is the time that we need you to step up.

On Thursday, January 24 the YWCA Princeton will host a community forum on sexual assault and gender-based violence, right here at our building on 59 Paul Robeson Place in Princeton. We will be joined by Womanspace, #NotOnMyWatch, and Princeton University’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising unit. Both events are free and open to the public. More information can be found on our website, www.ywcaprinceton.org.

Join us in this fight, march with us, and believe survivors.

Judy Hutton

Chief Executive Officer, YWCA Princeton