January 23, 2019

Suggesting a Return to Recycling Method Used Before Curbside Pickup Began

To the Editor:

I would like to suggest that Princeton consider returning to a recycling method that we used for many years before curbside pickup began. That is, a central collection station (which used to be at the Princeton Shopping Center) which could serve as a location for people to drop off organic compostables. With an attendant (as we had in the past), it should be possible to monitor what is dropped off and also cut fossil fuel consumption, since it does not involve large trucks driving all around Princeton. In fact, perhaps other municipalities/local shopping centers could follow suit if this were to prove successful. A shopping center with a grocery store is ideal because so many people go shopping for food and could conveniently drop off their organics at the same time. Perhaps a similar drop-off point could be set up (seasonally) once a week in conjunction with the farmers market near the Princeton Public Library, as well.

Anne Soos

Hun Road