January 9, 2019

Tranquility Den at Princeton Shopping Center Is a New Spa for Massage and Relaxation

HEALING TOUCH: “We care a lot about our guests, and we want to help them relax. We make them feel welcome and comfortable, and give them a great relaxation experience to make their day a little better.” Ellen Kogan, owner of Tranquility Den in the Princeton Shopping Center, looks forward to introducing more people to the healing benefits of massage.

By Jean Stratton

This was one of the nicest massage experiences I ever had. Everything about it was wonderful, including the relaxing atmosphere and the experienced, friendly massage therapist.”

This recent comment came from a Princeton resident after a visit to Tranquility Den, the new massage spa in the Princeton Shopping Center.

It is only one of a series of rave reviews that have been bestowed upon the new establishment since its opening in October.

“We are pleased and encouraged that so many people love the spa,” says owner Ellen Kogan. “We always try to go above and beyond for our guests. Even though we are new, we already have many regulars, and I think that’s a testament to the quality experience we offer.”

Important Benefit

Tranquility Den is unlike any other massage establishment in the area, says Kogan. “What makes us special is our unique, whimsical ambiance and our commitment to giving our guests an exceptional experience. Why do people want to get a massage? Because they have a pain, or injury, or they’ve had a bad day and feel stressed. We always try to make our guests feel better physically and emotionally.

“The most important benefit of a massage is that it is helpful in relieving stress. We live in a world that is too stressful. Now, our guests can come to a place where there are no phones ringing; the lighting is dim, it smells good, and they can escape from the daily stress of their lives.”

Several types of massage treatments are available, including the traditional full body Swedish and deep tissue massages. One of the ways Tranquility Den is set apart, however, is by its focus on the Den Massage.

“This is our house specialty,” explains Kogan. “This massage doesn’t require disrobing; just wear loose, comfortable clothing. Your session starts with a soothing neck, shoulder, and back massage as you enjoy a foot soak in a therapeutic blend of Chinese herbs. Then you lie back in a big, plush recliner; we cover you with a cozy blanket and give you a toasty shoulder wrap, and you enjoy a wonderful lower leg and foot massage. This is an hour of pure relaxation and comfort.”

The Tranquility Den massage experience is special in many ways, she adds, including its focus on all the senses. “A massage here is a treat for all the senses. We awaken and engage the senses, and create a nurturing environment that makes people feel wanted, happy, and safe.

“From the moment you first come in, when we offer you a cup of hot, calming tea and your favorite essential oil, to the time you leave, we focus our attention on providing you with tranquility for your mind, body, and soul. A massage can heal emotionally, too.”

Close Attention

Ellen Kogan’s experience as an interior designer and her extensive travels have given an added dimension in her new role as spa owner. She is focused on providing the best in every way for her clients. This includes the overall environment as well as specific massage treatments.

“First, I am a professional spa-goer. I visit spas fairly regularly at home and on vacation, and I take pride in finding the best. As a designer, I pay close attention to detail, and I absorb everything around me like a sponge. I have high standards for what a great experience should be.

“During my research, I went to a lot of workshops. I believe it is important to learn something every day, and I immerse myself in whatever I am doing. At Tranquility Den, we have highly experienced licensed massage therapists, and they receive additional Tranquility Den training here. We also have daily staff meetings to discuss customer feedback so that we can continuously improve the experience we offer to our guests.

“Our priority is to provide people with a memorable experience from beginning to end. Our ambiance is one-of-a-kind. For example, every piece of furniture is handpicked with love. We have antique pieces in the waiting area and top-of-the-line, plush recliners for our Den massage. We have a curated playlist of soothing background music, dim lighting, and an overall decor to create a relaxing, serene atmosphere.”

Quiet Relaxation

Four separate massage spaces are available for clients, from private to semi-private. In the case of Den massages, Kogan points out that several clients can be together for group get-togethers, such as bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, corporate events, book club meetings, girls’ night out, and other occasions.

“I love to see everyone having a good time together — perhaps a group of women experiencing a Den massage and having fun with friends. It can also be an opportunity for a couple to have a romantic date, or, of course, for an individual to enjoy a time of peaceful, quiet relaxation.

“We also offer our space for cocktail parties, and we can accommodate up to 40 people. These are becoming very popular, and it’s wonderful to see people enjoying themselves at a party, which can also include a massage, if they wish.” 

“I love meeting our guests,” she continues. “I’m a people person. I have lots of interests, and there are so many interesting people here in Princeton and the surrounding towns, and from many backgrounds. We have clients from all over the world.”

Right Location

Massages are typically one hour or 90 minutes, and begin at $88 ($68 for members). Memberships are available for $80 per month, entitling a member to a complimentary 90-minute Den massage or a one-hour Swedish massage as well as special discounts on products, exclusive invitations and promotions, an interior design consultation, free use of the event space, and many other benefits.

Kogan is especially pleased with the Princeton Shopping Center setting with its easy, convenient parking and central location. “It had to be the right location for us, and this is just right. The courtyard is beautiful with its attractive landscaping, and it makes me very happy to be here.”

In this time of heightened stress in our country and world, and with added pressure on overworked minds and bodies, the value of the healing power of a gentle touch has never been greater.

Ellen Kogan is working hard to provide clients with just such an experience. “My job is to make people comfortable. We listen carefully to everyone’s needs and make sure they are met. I am always thinking about how we can make things even better. The quality and care and the exceptional experience we offer does set us apart. People will feel soothed and comforted in a warm and nurturing environment. We do our very best for them.”

Tranquility Den is open Tuesday through Thursday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday 12 to 6 p.m. (609) 285-5147. Website:  www.tranquilitydenmassage.com.