January 8, 2019

Could Timing of Lights Be Adjusted To Ease Traffic From Bridge Closing?

To the Editor:

May I offer a suggestion concerning the Alexander Road bridge replacement?

When the replacement happens might it be possible to adjust the timing of the traffic lights on Washington Road and Harrison Street (intersecting at Route 1) to accommodate the dramatic increase in traffic? Otherwise the typically crummy rush hour back up will become truly horrific.

While you are making that timing adjustment, perhaps consider also changing up the lights at the intersection of Alexander Road and Carnegie Center Drive? The lights currently are timed to stop traffic on Alexander upon demand from Carnegie Center Drive traffic, but this makes little sense. A small number of cars on Carnegie Center Drive will oblige a full light’s worth of Alexander Road traffic to stop, sometimes just as those cars are accelerating from the stop light on the Route 1 bridge. This causes a back up of large numbers of cars that can sometimes extend back to Canal Pointe Blvd intersection.

And there is no apparent minimal time delay between stoppage, so when another car comes along Carnegie Center Drive, almost immediately after the light changes at Carnegie Center Drive/Alexander Road, the Alexander Road traffic is obliged to stop again.

Why not make the far smaller number of car traffic on Carnegie Center Drive wait a few minutes before the light can again stop the far larger volume of cars on Alexander Road, at least during rush hour?

And why not make this change now?

Alan B. Frey

Dempsey Avenue

A copy of this letter was sent to NJ DOT.