January 2, 2019

Various Styles and Designs in Quality Leather From Forever Love and American Icon Jackets

ICONIC LOOK: “Our jackets are quality throughout. They can all be customized, with a different lining design and color, for each person. It is a very individual, one-of-a-kind look.” Earl F. Bayer, founder of Forever Love Custom Heirloom Jackets and American Icon Jackets, is wearing one of his popular, high quality, motorcycle-style leather jackets.

By Jean Stratton

You don’t have to be an icon to wear an American Icon Jacket!

Indeed, these high quality leather jackets are available to all individuals who appreciate special, customized luxury apparel.

Founded by Earl F. Bayer in 2017 in Neshanic Station, his company Forever Love Custom Heirloom Jackets and American Iconic Jackets focuses on creativity, high standards, and customer satisfaction.

“‘Forever Love’ is our trademark, and these personalized jackets can be heirlooms, filled with love and luxury, passed down to another generation,” he says.

American Icon

Bayer says his background in product development in footwear and apparel, including children’s clothing, provided him with the experience and vision to move forward with a variety of new ideas.

“I worked as a freelance designer for 50 famous brands, and then I had the idea of making a special classic golf jacket in honor of Arnold Palmer after his death,” he says. “He was an American icon, and I wanted to honor him.

“I also made one for golfer Jack Nicklaus, and both of the jackets were personalized classic golf jackets.”

This initial idea led Bayer to design American Icon customized leather jackets for companies such as Google, Apple, Tiffany, and Boeing.

“For companies like these, one of our jackets can be a special gift for important clients,” he notes. “They will each be personalized with the person’s name or individual ID.”

In the case of Boeing, he designed a special jacket based on a 1941 Army Air Corps leather flight jacket originally given to General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

For individuals, the jacket can have meaning for numerous occasions or life stories, he adds. “For example, it can be a wonderful engagement gift. If the woman is giving it, the lining might be customized along with her photo or artwork to say ‘I’m the woman behind the man!’ or ‘I’ve Got Your Back!’ or ‘The Inside Story!’ It’s a very personal connection.”

Life Story

In his own family, Bayer has made special jackets for his daughters, commemorating the life of his late wife, Patricia Ann. In the lining, he incorporated photos of her life story from childhood to adulthood.

Similarly, for one of his granddaughters, he designed a jacket including a tribute to his deceased daughter (her mother), who had died some years earlier.

“These are heirlooms, which spread forever love,” he explains.

The importance of giving is a major priority for him, and he plans to contribute a significant portion of the proceeds from sales to worthy causes and organizations, such as for firefighters and others who serve their community and country.

For instance, he has created a “Smokey Bear” varsity-style jacket to commemorate Smokey Bear’s origin in 1944. “In 2019, it will be Smokey Bear’s 75th anniversary. I would like this to be a way of raising money for firefighters who have been injured in the line of duty or to the families of those who have been killed. We would donate a substantial portion of the proceeds to an organization supporting firefighters.

“This is both a way to commemorate Smokey Bear and the importance of preventing wildfires — remember, as Smokey said: ‘Only you can prevent wildfires!’ At the same time, it supports the firefighters of today.”

Those who are interested in something above and beyond the usual may view the American Icon Jackets and Forever Love Jackets on the company’s website. A full array of jackets with complete descriptions and information is available. The classic motorcycle style is especially popular today.

Color Preference

“You can contact us by phone and speak to my daughter Jennifer, or via email,” says Bayer, “and whatever you have in mind for your jacket, we can create for you and bring it to life.

“When a customer wants a jacket, they can explain to us what they want, send photos, artwork, etc. If it’s a company or corporation, they can give us a history about when it was founded, the type of business, etc., and let us know if they have a color preference for the lining or special styling factors.

“Then we’ll make a layout and send it to the customer for their approval. It usually takes 30 days from the time of the order to their receiving it.”

Because of the online focus of the business, Bayer has had customers from all over, but he reports that “If customers are within the local area, I can go to their home or office to show them actual jackets.” 

Bayer is proud of his jackets and grateful that he is able to create something very special. “I enjoy the creativity, and I keep it simple as to color, design, and style. Our jackets are made in the USA of the finest quality leather from Vanson Leathers in Falls River, Mass., and they are one-of-a-kind for each individual.

“My motive is not money. It is to make a special personalized jacket for people to enjoy. I am very encouraged, and I see this as a tribute to my late wife Patricia Ann. I look forward to making it a success for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and to spreading ‘forever love.’”

For further information, visit the website at foreverlovejackets.com, email americaniconjackets7@gmail.com, or call (908) 332-3265 for American Icon Jackets (corporations) or (908) 208-9712 (Forever Love Jackets).