December 19, 2018

New Location for Popular La Jolie Salon & Spa Offers Unique Look and Complete Beauty Care

HOLIDAY LOOK: “We take a lot of time with our clients to consult about their style and what they are looking for. And not just with our new clients — but with everyone. We have a talented, knowledgeable staff, completely trained in every aspect of hair and skin care.” Larissa Leary, managing partner and advanced education director of La Jolie Salon & Spa, looks forward to introducing even more clients to the salon’s many services, and to helping them get ready for the next holiday party.

By Jean Stratton

La Jolie Salon & Spa is ready and waiting to give you the perfect look for an upcoming holiday party or event. Whether it is for a new cut or color, special updo, facial, or makeup application, the talented staff at this longtime salon can ensure that you will look your best.

In addition, gift card opportunities are available for all services and products, at all prices, and are a wonderful holiday remembrance. It can be a very thoughtful way to remember someone on your list and introduce them to the benefits available at this all-purpose salon.

Prominent Place

La Jolie has a long history in Princeton. Its founder Jolie is said to have been the first female owner of a business in Princeton, and the salon remains a prominent place in the downtown.

La Jolie moved to its new location at 163 Bayard Lane a year ago. Located in what was formerly the site of Elements restaurant, it has a very distinctive look. Featuring the original stone wall and selected aspects of the striking design of Elements, it evokes a unique, sophisticated, and modern style.

Two floors offer an opportunity for clients to have more privacy for services, notes managing partner and advanced education director Larissa Leary. “We are set apart by the separate rooms and private areas. For example, we have a special bridal bar and suite on the second floor, and we have many bridal parties who come for hair and makeup sessions.”

Also on the second floor are private spa areas for skincare and facials. Hair cutting, styling, and color stations and manicures and pedicures are located on the first floor, as are private rooms for body waxing, spray tanning, and lash and hair extensions.

Leary has extensive experience in the hair industry, including several years with La Jolie. Her specialty is both hairstyling and serving as an educator.  “I work with L’ANZA products, including going to other salons to give instruction about the products and techniques.”

Mindful of La Jolie’s tradition and reputation, she has fully respected that while building on it to create a modern, up-to-date, fashionable salon in all ways.

Next Level

She and the staff participate in continuing education regarding the latest techniques in all areas of hairstyling, precision cutting, and creative color, as well as researching the newest products.

“The challenge is to make sure that we are providing the next level of service,” explains Leary. “Customers today are very educated about products and service. We have to make sure that every single time the client comes in, the service is the best. This is very important to us.”

New styles, new color and cutting techniques, and new products come along all the time, and the La Jolie staff is completely current in all areas.

“Today, a softer, more ‘lived in’ look is popular in hairstyles,” reports Leary. “It’s not a structured look. People want easy, wearable styles, and easy maintenance.

“Products are very important,” she continues. “We have a complete line for all purposes, including smoothing and straightening products for different types of hair.”

She adds that La Jolie services are available for all types of hair texture and ethnicity, and among the salon’s clientele are many multicultural customers, all with different hair textures.

“Also, cuts today are so versatile,” points out Leary. “They can provide texture, volume, and various styles to offer the easiest care.”

Soft and Gentle

Color is a major focus of hair service these days, and as she notes, “The emphasis on color today is tremendous.”

No longer just to cover gray (although that is still one function), it is almost a seasonal fashion statement.

Many color techniques are available today, including Balayage, reports Leary. “This is an extremely popular color technique today, and it gives a soft, gentle look to the hair. The traditional highlighting techniques also continue to be in demand.”

With the advanced safety of the products, color will continue to gain in popularity, she adds.

“The ingredients in the products are so high quality — many are organically-based products. They have conditioning care that can even help to heal the hair.”

For those clients who choose to be go au natural and return to their original or current color, including gray, La Jolie has many products to enhance that style.

For example, notes Leary, “If someone decides to go back to their natural color (including gray), and they have been coloring their hair, we first remove all the hair color and get as close to the natural shade as possible. In addition, there are wonderful conditioners to make gray hair shiny.”

Color and Cut

She also points out the importance of taking time with each client to select the best color and cut for that individual. Many factors are significant.

“We take into consideration facial structure, type of hair, lifestyle, maintenance, etc. For color, skin tone, eye color, and original hair color are important.”

Clients at La Jolie are all ages, from 3 years old and up, and include a significant number of men. “We have a huge demographic,” says Leary. “Kids, parents, and grandparents, often all in the same family. They are really loyal, and we so much appreciate their loyalty.”

Helping clients achieve their best look is certainly a priority, she adds, and this can include advice for home maintenance or damage control for styles gone wrong.

“I love to teach my clients how to style their hair at home,” notes Leary. “This can include how to hold the brush, and how to use the dryer and flat and curling irons properly.

“Also, at least once a week, we have someone coming in who needs help to correct a mistake. This could be because of ‘do-it-yourself’ color problems or curling iron, blow drying, even cutting mistakes.”

Outstanding Parking

Both longtime customers and newcomers can vouch for La Jolie’s excellent service. Reports Princeton resident and loyal client Simone Mets: “I like La Jolie for many reasons. They are very honest about a good style for the client; it’s a very welcoming environment, and the look of the salon is great — sophisticated, current, and modern.

“Also, the parking is outstanding! I can make an appointment for 4 o’clock and know I can get in right away. Unlike before, when I’d have to allow at least 20 minutes to find a parking place.”

Customers will also find special incentives at La Jolie, adds Leary. “We have a blow dry monthly membership program. With this, you can come in once a week for a month, and have a shampoo and blow dry. This is a wonderful gift for someone.

“Another thing we offer is if you get a $100 gift card, you will receive an additional $20 bonus card — another great gift idea.”

A variety of gift packages are also available, all of which can mix products and services. A “Special Day of Beauty,” which can also include lunch, is another perfect holiday remembrance.

La Jolie offers an array of products for sale, including shampoo, conditioners, styling aids, and cosmetics. L’ANZA, R+Co., Design Me (an all-vegan, cruelty-free hair product), and OPI, among others.

Leary notes that prices at La Jolie are competitive, with manicures at $25, haircuts from $55, and skin-specific facials from $100.

She looks forward to continuing to please her current clients and introducing new people to the salon. “We have so many new clients all the time that we will be expanding our staff.

“I enjoy getting a chance to know everyone who comes in the door; and I always love the creativity in the cutting and color, and getting to know the client’s lifestyle. We look forward to seeing you at La Jolie!”

The salon is open seven days. Monday by appointment only, Tuesday and Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesday 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., Thursday 10 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday 12 to 6 p.m. (609) 924-1188. Website: