December 19, 2018

Lawrence Resident Has “Fear of Parking,” Needs Help With Princeton Parking App

To the Editor:

I just read Library Director Brett Bonfield’s celebration of walking over driving in the weekly message from the Princeton Public Library. But some of us don’t enjoy the luxury/privilege of walking to where we have to be. Although I have a Princeton zip code, I actually live in Lawrence Township, a little too far to walk to enjoy the attractions of Princeton. I appreciate the library’s Spring Street garage accommodation, but at times it’s full, or not convenient to where I need to go.

Like others, I thought the Smart Cards were pretty neat. My husband and I each have one with LOTS of unused $$ on them. Now we hear that in a few months we will be able to transfer that money to the Princeton parking app. I actually have downloaded the app. But I have no idea how to use it, and we have been unable to find helpful information online. Last week I asked a few friends who are Princeton residents if they understood the app. The answer was unanimous: NO. So I find myself avoiding downtown Princeton, suffering from Fear of Parking, especially now that I often find the Spring Street garage entrance barricaded (full), probably because for the next several months it’s the only place people can use their Smart Card balances.

It would be helpful if the Library and other local institutions could offer tutorials on how to use the app.

Heather Mullett

Lawrence Township