November 28, 2018

As You Shop for Your Holiday Dinners, Please Remember to “Check-Out Hunger”

To the Editor:

Want an easy way to help our local Food Bank? If you shop at McCaffrey’s, Wegmans, or Wawa, be sure to participate in the Check-Out Hunger campaign. Depending on where you shop, just remove one (or several) of the red, green, or yellow tickets posted near each checkout register, give it to the cashier to scan with your grocery order or simply drop your change in the container where provided. That’s it. Couldn’t be much easier.

This program, run as a joint effort by food retailers and sponsored by Premio Foods, raises vital funds to support the hunger relief work of food banks. In Mercer County, the funds raised go to the Mercer Street Friends Food Bank.

While food donations are important, cash is the best and most efficient way to support the Food Bank. Every dollar donated to the Food Bank enables the organization to distribute 10 meals. Last year, the Mercer Street Friends Food Bank channeled 3.5 million pounds of food and groceries into our community, supplying 90 food pantries, shelters, soup kitchens, schools, senior centers, and meal programs with resources they need to serve over 50,000 individuals and families who come to their doors. The demand is so much greater this year.

So, as you shop for your holiday dinners, please remember to “Check-Out Hunger.”

Ann Vaurio

Valley Road

Longtime supporter of Mercer Street Friends