July 25, 2018

Special Honor Announced For Princeton-Blairstown Center

Princeton-Blairstown Center’s Summer Bridge Program has won the National Summer Learning Association’s 2018 New York Life Foundation Excellence in Summer Learning Founder’s Award.

The Excellence in Summer Learning Award and Founder’s Award recognizes outstanding summer programs that demonstrate excellence in accelerating academic achievement and promoting healthy development for low-income children and youth between pre-kindergarten and 12th grade.

Winning programs demonstrate exemplary practices in overall programming, including professional development for program staff and collaboration with community partners in fulfilling shared goals for student and family engagement.

The Princeton-Blairstown Center helps children in high poverty situations have healthy, engaging ways to maintain learning during the summer months, while school is not in session. “Creating opportunities for summer learning sets the stage for innovation, creativity, and leadership in every community: the young people we nurture today are the foundation of our society tomorrow,” reads the organization’s website.