July 11, 2018

Former Participant in “Million Mom March” Ready to Go On “Million Grandma March”

To the Editor:

In response to the letter by Trish Verbeyst regarding gun violence [“Time to Stop Blaming Guns,” Mailbox, July 4], I would somewhat disagree.

While it is indeed apparent that the number of guns in the hands of people who are dangerous because of psychological disability is part of the problem, I believe that there are simply too many guns available to too many people in the United States.

Gun laws vary greatly from one state to another, but these weapons can easily be transported across state lines. In addition, the fact remains that almost any one can purchase any type and as many as one wishes of nearly any firearm.

Indeed, many Western countries, with cultures very similar to our own, have much lower percentages of deaths by guns. It is highly unlikely that, per capita, they have fewer dangerously disturbed individuals than we do here in America.

I think we can do much better for our wonderful country.

Many years ago I participated in the “Million Mom March.” The problems remain, and I’m ready to go again, possibly on a “Million Grandma March.”

Mary Ann Solomon

Grover Avenue