July 11, 2018

Dwaine Williamson Thanks Princetonians Who Supported His Candidacy for Council

Dear Fellow Princetonians:

I am honored and humbled to have received your votes and support of my candidacy for Princeton Council. Thank you.

Princeton is at a critical juncture on many fronts. While our neighborhoods remain strong and our municipal services first-rate, we are faced with rising property taxes, rampant teardowns, and housing prices that make Princeton unattainable for many.

I pledge to be a responsible steward of our public funds.
I will work to ensure that our collective resources are shared equitably, and that Princeton remains a welcoming community. I promise to exercise bold leadership in exploring solutions to keep our downtown core vibrant and growing. I will support the creation of a network of walkable, bike-friendly streets to keep us all safely connected.

I believe that together we can work to realize the vision of a Princeton that is sustainable, affordable, and inclusive, while remaining an exceptional place to live, work, raise our children, worship, play, and age in place.

I look forward to hearing from each and every one of you in the coming weeks as we begin the process of shaping our shared future.

Dwaine Williamson

Jonathan Dayton Court