June 27, 2018

Resident Shares Copy of Message to Steve Cochrane After June 18 Meeting

To the Editor:

The following is a copy of an email I sent to Steve Cochrane, after the June 18 public meeting regarding the bond issue vote which is scheduled for October 2.

From the information I can gather, there are 16 high schools in New Jersey with “turfed” athletic fields. There are 691 public high schools. Again, this is from public information, so it may not be entirely accurate. However, your response to my question at last night’s meeting that you “did not know” how many high schools had “turfed” fields but “it is a lot” is hardly accurate considering this information. As a homeowner, retiree, and tax payer in Princeton, and as the mother of a now adult daughter who marched in high school band on a dirt field, in rain, in mud, and in dust, I find the need for such lavish accommodations to be ridiculous.

One of the life skills we need to provide to children in the educational system is flexibility. Student athletes will figure out a work around if there is no “turf” field available to them.

Judith Meyer

Mt. Lucas Road