June 27, 2018

Longtime Swimmer at Dillon Asks University To Recognize and Support A “Special Bond”

To the Editor:

I am one of the recipients of the letter announcing Princeton University’s decision to end my non-affiliated facility membership in Dillon Gym. As a dedicated Princeton University swimmer for 20 years (paying approximately $850 per year), the decision to ban us is a blow to my belief in the University’s commitment to our town. We PU-affiliated and non-affiliated Dillon and Denunzio swimmers are a close-knit group of friends and neighbors. We see each other every day, notice when someone is absent and make a call, take our sick friends to the doctor, and celebrate holidays in one another’s homes.

This decision unwittingly ends our way of life. I accept the notion that PU administrators are very busy and could not have known the effect this policy change would have. Now that we are making this administrative oversight known, we ask this wrong be righted. Therefore I am writing this letter to the editor as a means to ask Princeton University to permit current non-affiliated Dillon and Denunzio recreation swimmers to be allowed to stay. Our pools are not full, hence the reason cited for excluding us (overcrowding) does not hold water (pun intended). There is plenty of room for all of us. Please reconsider and allow us to remain with our friends. We will appreciate Princeton administration’s recognition and support for our special bond by allowing us to stay.

Jane Milrod

Riverside Drive