May 9, 2018

After Watching League of Women Voters Debate, Resident Finds Eve Niedergang Most Impressive

To the Editor:

For those of you who missed attending the League of Women Voters debate at Princeton town hall, it was very telling.

The good news is we’re fortunate to have six passionate, smart, civic minded candidates vying for the two vacant positions in the June primary.

All six vary little in their philosophies and desires to make Princeton an even better place to live.

The reality is we’re losing two very seasoned and accomplished council members in Lance Liverman and Heather Howard.

In January, the Council replaced two vacancies with once again, smart, passionate people who have working knowledge of the town and council in David Cohen and Leticia Fraga. With the selection of the next council members, we need people who will have already studied the budget, understand the laws surrounding School Board vs. Council, understand the intricacies of affordable housing, and will be ready to hit the road running. That’s where if you watched the debate you saw some differences.

I’ve been impressed with several of the candidates. Most impressive, by way of knowledge and willingness to be prepared, is Eve Niedergang. She’s a calm, intelligent, solutions-oriented person who is not afraid of standing strong for what she believes in without being combative.

I plan on voting for Eve. I hope you will too.

Mary Anne Greenberg

Lytle Street