March 28, 2018

“An Exciting Time to Be a Candidate In Princeton,” According to PCDO-Endorsed Eve Niedergang

To the Editor:

On Sunday, March 18, the Princeton Community Democratic Organization (PCDO) met to endorse candidates for local and county office. After a spirited and informative debate among the seven candidates for Princeton Council, I was honored to receive 77 percent of the votes cast by the more than 200 PCDO members present and, thus, the endorsement of the PCDO. I would like to extend my appreciation to the PCDO executive board, which worked hard to plan and orchestrate the endorsement meeting; to the members of the PCDO who devoted three hours of their Sunday evening to attend the debate and vote for their candidates of choice; to Nicole Plett of the League of Women Voters, who moderated the debate; and to Mercer County’s three incumbent Democratic Freeholders — Ann Cannon, Sam Frisby, and Pat Colavita — who also addressed the audience and took questions on Sunday evening.

The energy in the room and the interest in the political process was tremendous; it is an exciting time to be a candidate here in Princeton. As I said in my remarks on Sunday, Princeton is a vital community, but we face some serious challenges (among them affordability, sustainability, and how to deal with development). I want to listen to your concerns so that we can work together to surmount these challenges in a way that enhances Princeton’s unique character. I ask for your vote in the Democratic primary on Tuesday, June 5. Further information about my candidacy and my contact information can be found on my website,

Eve Niedergang

Forester Drive