January 3, 2018

Popular ShelfGenie Glide-Out Shelving System Offers Easy Access, Clutter-Free Convenience

SMOOTH SLIDING: “ShelfGenie is most commonly used in the kitchen and pantry, although it is also helpful in a variety of other spaces. We can work within any size and style kitchen, including older ones. Our philosophy is to maximize the available space and make it more convenient.” Benjamin R. Rozenblat, owner of the ShelfGenie Glide-Out Shelving System franchise in central New Jersey, is shown beside a display of the varied products.

By Jean Stratton

Benjamin R. Rozenblat is a big fan of the ShelfGenie Glide-Out Shelving System. He is so convinced of the value of this product that in 2010 he opened his own franchise serving central New Jersey.

After a career as a mechanical engineer, he decided he wanted a change, and opening a franchise turned out to be a new adventure. 

“I always liked the idea of having my own business,” he explains. “The possibility of a franchise appealed to me, and I was very interested in the ShelfGenie System. The real beauty of ShelfGenie is that it makes life easier. It’s a convenient organizational system that helps home-owners organize and save space.”

Originally established in Richmond, Virginia in 2000, the ShelfGenie System now has more than 150 franchises across the U.S. and in Canada.

Success Story

A true success story — a seemingly simple idea with so many possibilities — it provides customers with an extremely convenient and attractive glide-out shelving system for cabinets, especially in the kitchen and pantry. But it is also appropriate for the bathroom, laundry room, garage, basement, and for entertainment and home office areas.

The custom-built storage solutions provide easy access to kitchen products and appliances. The glide-out shelves (moving easily with just the touch of a finger) can be located in lower or upper cabinets and under the sink.

Made of wood, they are in assorted sizes, in single or double height, and can fit into a variety of configurations. Reaching the deepest part of cabinets is no problem with the “blind corner” solution, featuring two shelves that slide perpendicular to each other. There are also drawers with dividers, divider shelves, and under-sink solutions, which can be designed around obstructions, such as drain pipes.

“Everything within in reach” is the underlying concept, and pantries are a perfect place for the glide-out shelves. Whether it’s a closet pantry, cabinet pantry, or walk-in style, the ShelfGenie System will create the exact fit.

Major Features

“Easy to clean, easy to access, and easy to organize” are the major features of ShelfGenie solutions, notes Rozenblat. “There are so many helpful components. For example, the under-sink glide-outs have a special finish so that wet items are not a problem. Everything is customized, and we have domestic manufacturing.

“There are drawers that can hold appliances, including toasters, blenders, mixers, etc. for easy access, so that countertops can be free of miscellaneous items.”

The first step in exploring the possibility of including this system in your own home, he explains, is a visit from a ShelfGenie representative for a free consultation, who will describe the various options. Next, the designer will create a plan, focusing on the client’s individual needs, and work within the homeowner’s budget. Measurements will be taken to ensure a custom fit, and then the shelving units will be constructed.

Finally, the project is completed when the certified ShelfGenie installers arrive to finish the job.

“A typical project can be six to eight weeks, start to finish,” says Rozenblat. “The price range is usually $2,500 to $3,500, depending on the scope of the work. It can be less if there are fewer cabinets. Four or five cabinets are typically installed.”

The majority of the work is residential, he adds, with the customer base including families, couples, and singles. He covers Princeton and the area, as well as all of central New Jersey.

Quality Product

“We are seeing a lot of Baby Boomers right now, people who are downsizing, and want a convenient and easy shelving system. I enjoy meeting and seeing lots of people. The work can be accomplished in a short amount of time, so you can see the results soon. I really enjoy seeing the customers so happy with the finished product.”

He points out that the ShelfGenie System has an excellent track record, and offers a quality product that people can count on. “This is a very good, very reliable system. We provide more extensive solutions and more customized choices. Our designs and products are superior in terms of the overall system and quality of the products. We are a very solid company in the way of warranties. We guarantee our work.”

“Also,” he continues, “we are a very personal company, and the customer can always reach one of our representatives with any questions. We always want our customers to be satisfied.”

Rozenblat’s franchise is based in Skillman, with a showroom currently located in the Fabricland store at 855 Route 22 West in North Plainfield. Hours are by appointment.

For further information, call (609) 436-9201; website: www.shelfgenie.com/newjersey.