October 25, 2017

Julie Ramirez Has a Passion for Doing What’s Right for Children in Princeton Public Schools

To the Editor:

We heartily encourage Princeton voters to join us in voting for Julie Ramirez for the Princeton Board of Education on November 7.

Over the last year we have worked closely with Julie on a volunteer initiative for our school district. Julie has deeply impressed us with her passion for doing what’s right for children in the Princeton Public Schools, how she always combines that passion with pragmatism and good sense, and how she harnesses those qualities for effective leadership.

That Julie joins these traits so effectively is a testament to her most relevant qualifications to serve on the school board: a breadth of knowledge and experience in our schools at all grade levels, as her four children (in grades 5, 7, 10, and 12) have attended Princeton Public Schools since kindergarten; and her 20-year career as a financial systems project management professional.

The operations of our school district are complex, and the board faces significant challenges in the coming years. With her professional experience in large-scale project management, it will be second nature for Julie to help prioritize the actions and decisions that our district needs to take, to find ways that the district can achieve greater quality with constrained resources, and achieve measurable, meaningful results. These skills will prove invaluable on the school board, especially as Princeton Public Schools embarks on the capital improvements needed to serve our community’s growing enrollment.

Perhaps more than any other quality, Julie has impressed us with her work ethic. Even while working and raising four busy kids, Julie is always one of the most determined, steadily reliable, and thoughtfully engaged person involved in her volunteer commitments. When you work with Julie, you get both quantity and quality.

These are just some of the reasons we support Julie’s candidacy for School Board, but there are more: her commitment to transparency, her concern for students of diverse backgrounds and needs, her desire to see the district continue to innovate around how it serves all of its students, and more. Julie Ramirez is exactly the kind of leader we need now on the Princeton Public Schools Board of Education. Please give Julie your vote on November 7.

Amy Craft

Poe Road

Anne Desmond

Tee-Ar Place