October 18, 2017

Julie Ramirez Knows Our District Well, Is a Passionate Advocate for Public Schools

To the Editor,

I write to strongly endorse Julie Ramirez, a candidate for Princeton’s Board of Education. I have known Julie and her family for ten years and am certain that she will do an exceptional job if elected to the School Board. With four children at Johnson Park, John Witherspoon, and Princeton High School; Julie knows our district well, is a passionate advocate for our public schools, and understands that job number one is to make sure that our children receive the highest quality education possible in an environment that gives every child, from all backgrounds, the opportunity to learn, grow, and realize their full potential.

Julie also understands that we need to do this in a financially responsible manner. As a seven-year member of Princeton’s Citizen’s Finance Advisory Committee, I know how important it is to our residents to have great services AND keep tax increases as modest as possible. The school district has a large complex budget and, with a growing student body and insufficient space in almost every building, the School Board faces historic challenges related to physical expansion, capital spending, and long-term operational budgeting. With her successful 20-year career in finance and project management in the private sector, Julie has a unique background and skill set that makes her particularly well qualified to serve on the Board at this critical and difficult time.

Our children deserve the best education we can afford and our taxpayers deserve elected representatives like Julie who bring professional expertise to the board, and who will preserve our schools’ excellence in the most efficient, responsible way. I strongly encourage you to join me in voting for Julie Ramirez (ballot position #5) for Board of Education on November 7.

Brian McDonald
Journey’s End Lane