October 5, 2017

Tuck-Ponder Will Help District Meaningfully Address the Scourge of Educational Inequity

To the Editor:

This November, Princeton voters will elect three new members to our local school board. We are fortunate to have a wonderful selection of highly qualified candidates, each with unique strengths and experience. When I consider their relative merits, one candidate stands out from the pack: that’s former Princeton Township Mayor, Michele Tuck-Ponder.

Michele brings management expertise, a track record of leadership, a team player sensibility, personal warmth, wit, and intelligence, as well as a strong moral compass.

National rankings consistently highlight Princeton Public Schools. Michele recognizes the district’s considerable assets and will do what is necessary to safeguard and build on them, keeping an eye on costs.

At the same time, Michele will help our school system rise to meet the pressing challenges of the day. Foremost among these is the unacceptable gap both in student achievement and in discipline that correlates disturbingly with a student’s race and socio-economic status. Trained as a lawyer and with a background in civil rights, Michele will use this experience to help the district meaningfully address the scourge of educational inequity that hurts all of our students.

A lawyer, journalist, advocate, and CEO, Michele served three successful terms as mayor of Princeton Township during the 1990s, managing a $23 million budget and a staff of 100.

For her vision, experience, talent and commitment, the taxpayers and parents of Princeton Public Schools would do well to elect Michele Tuck-Ponder (#3 on your ballot) to the Board.

Anastasia Mann

Lilac Lane