September 27, 2017

With Her Dedication, Persistence in Pursuing Issues, Ludmer Poised To Be an Effective Board Member

To the Editor:

This letter is to express our support for Jenny Ludmer, a proven school and community leader, former scientific analyst, and friend. As the parent of three children, ranging from second to seventh graders, Jenny is well aware of the many strengths of the district, but is also aware of its challenges. Raised in public schools herself, she is a passionate advocate for our community schools, as well as an active volunteer for the two schools her children attend: Littlebrook Elementary and John Witherspoon Middle School.

Shortly after moving to Princeton six years ago, Jenny threw herself into volunteer work both for the schools and the community. Her remarkable organizational skills have allowed her to lead successful sustainability efforts at the schools, as well as a chess after-school activity, a thriving garden program, and an annual Science Expo. She also serves on the board of the JWMS PTO and is a member of the Complete Streets Committee for the town.

With her dedication and persistence in pursuing the issues, Jenny is poised to be an effective and active Board member. She cares deeply about issues facing our schools and students, including the challenges of stress, as well as racial bias, and religious intolerance. Jenny also wants to see special education strengthened and differentiated instruction improved. Finally, she understands the need for prudent stewardship of our facilities and responsible planning for future growth.

In order to take on any of these issues, the district must learn to work more efficiently and Board members must work collaboratively. Jenny will be a strong addition to the Board to ensure this happens. Once she gets behind an issue, she knows how to work with administrators, Board members, teachers, parents, and the community to deliver impactful results. With a hard-working Board, we believe the district can become more responsive to the taxpaying public and more financially responsible.

The national pressures facing our schools and our community are critical and have been intensified with the current administration. Now is the time to look closely at your local candidates and ensure they have the time and energy to both protect and promote our schools. Jenny has made the choice to dedicate herself to working with others to see the schools grow, and we are confident she will continue to give 100 percent as a Board member.

We encourage everyone to learn more about Jenny’s campaign by visiting her website:

Cheryl Mintz, Harris Richter

Franklin Avenue

Rachael Cooper, Amy and Eran Zacks

Dodds Lane

Rachel and Michael Benevento

Shady Brook

Lara and Josh Winn

Prospect Avenue