September 13, 2017

Thanking Sports Photographer Frank Wojciechowski For Contributions to Community Sportsmen, Women 

To the Editor:

Allow me to deviate from the angst of politics, school budgets, mini-mansions, and traffic woes to mention something that brings me pleasure in each week’s Town Topics. I’m referring to the sports photography of Frank Wojciechowski. Speaking as an amateur photographer aspiring to photograph objects in motion (in my case, birds in flight), I can attest to the difficulty of stopping the action at just the perfect moment. If I get one good one every few months, I’m pleased. I don’t know Frank or how he does it, but week after week, sport after sport, game after game, he manages to capture a clear shot of the pass leaving the quarterback’s hand, the goalie making the save, the brilliant soccer move. So thanks, Frank, for your contributions to this paper and to the sportsmen and women of this community. With another school year beginning, I’m looking forward to your images of yet another sports season.


Snowden Lane