September 6, 2017

Supporting Candidacy of Jessica Deutsch, “A Voice of Reason,” for Board of Education

To the Editor:

I write in support of the candidacy of Jessica Deutsch for the Board of Education.

Jess’s and my paths have crossed in many ways over the years as we raised children that went through Riverside School, particularly the garden-based education program. She has demonstrated both leadership and a huge capacity for service, particularly where balance and wellness for all children are concerned.  She founded the social media group, Princeton Balance, out of concerns we share about pressures to achieve that may not serve educational goals or the health of the child.  She has deep connections in the community, having served on numerous nonprofit boards, and she’s been involved in the school system at so many levels she’s forged valuable connections with the players and partners of the system.  I know Jess to be a voice of reason, calm, knowledge, and compassion for children and parents.  I know her to be resourceful, sturdy, and fearless when embracing difficult conversations and issues.

Dorothy Mullen

Patton Avenue