August 30, 2017

Pointing Out Ways Senior Living Project On North Harrison Would Benefit Princeton

To the Editor:

I have heard anecdotally that some Princeton residents feel the Sunrise Senior Living project proposed for North Harrison Street would have negative effects on our community. I feel differently, and would like to point out a few ways in which this project would benefit Princetonians.

As proposed, the senior living project would provide 76 units in two low-rise buildings on 3.5 acres of land.

A senior living project would enable Princeton residents to continue living in their community without the burdens of maintaining a single-family home and lot.

The location for the Sunrise project is ideal because it is adjacent to the shopping center. Because residents of the project can walk to stores and services, it will support regular exercise, health, and personal independence.

By adding customers next door, the project will support retail that caters to daily needs, and in a way that will not increase traffic or demand for parking at the shopping center. The fact that the shopping center is already served by transit means that no new transit or shuttle services would be needed, and car-free independence for seniors is available.

Finally, a senior living project would strengthen the local tax base without adding demand for new local services.

For all these reasons, I believe the addition of the new senior living project is something to be applauded rather than opposed.

I hope the conversation locally will focus on how to take advantage of new construction to deliver local improvements rather than on questions of whether it should be developed at all.

Nat Bottigheimer

White Pine Lane