August 9, 2017

Responding to Mayor’s Comments On Acquisition of Westminster Property

To the Editor:

Mayor Lempert’s comments, recorded in the August 2 edition of Town Topics [“Mayor Expresses Position On School Board Bid for Westminster Campus”], concerning the acquisition of Westminster Choir College property are completely consistent with the autocratic approach to societal issues inherent in a one-party government. She appears to advocate acquisition of the property over a concerted effort to preserve an internationally recognized cultural gem. And, of course, the cost is no problem since Princeton seems to be able to exercise an unlimited ability to tax, without limit, property and business.

Although she acknowledges the fact that Westminster is a “treasured community asset,” it’s not treasured enough for her to seek a means of preservation. She would rather Princeton join the circle of vultures for its share of the carcass.

Absent is her offer of the prestige and influence of her office with local and area big business and Princeton University, with which she and others in our government have a connection, for a way to preserve this “asset.”

If Princeton prides itself on being aggressive about social issues, why is it willing to participate in the destruction of a cultural treasure?

If we let Westminster Choir College become a high school gym or another AvalonBay project, shame on us.

Marc Malberg

Autumn Hill Road