March 1, 2017

Protecting, Preserving Environment Boils Down to Individual Participation

To the Editor:

Protecting and preserving our environment is a vital community responsibility that boils down to individual participation. Sustainable Princeton, a non profit organization, is leading the charge with the creation and distribution of a clear, complete, concise Recycling Brochure that was delivered to every Princeton address and appeared recently as the center fold in Town Topics.

Judging by the overflowing green and yellow buckets placed curbside every other week, Princeton recycles. Now the objective is to refine the practice by including everything that is acceptable (like only plastics #1 and 2) and eliminating everything that is unacceptable (like unmarketable plastics #3-7 and all other plastic bags and films, much of which can be recycled in receptacles in stores in town.) Refer to your Recycling Brochure for specifics, and if you need more brochures, they are widely available in the Library, Monument Hall, and many other locations.

A critical part of recycling is composting, backyard or through the Princeton Curbside Organics Program (to join, call Princeton Recycling Coordinator, Janet Pellichero, (609) 688-2566). It is as easy to scrape your scraps into your kitchen compost bucket as it is to put them in the trash, and the benefits are huge: the most important is that you are reusing organics to nourish the soil instead of paying to transport and bury them in a landfill, where costly space is limited. Recycling, composting, and using your own bags at the store means there will be less and less that remains for the landfill.

The future of a healthy environment depends on the habits of each of us. Sustainable Princeton deserves our collective congratulations for helping us to do our best to boost Princeton’s sustainability and set us firmly on the road to being a shining example to others. Thanks to the Sustainable Princeton Staff and volunteers, and the participation of donors for dedication and all the hard work.

Penny Thomas

Constitution Hill West