December 16, 2015

An Intriguing Array of Clothing and Accessories Offered at Depascal Atelier, Women’s Boutique

NTU edpascal

FESTIVE SCENE: “I enjoy creating. I design all the clothes, and I also designed the decor in the boutique, as well as the holiday windows.” Christina Depascal, owner of the new Depascal Atelier, looks forward to introducing customers to her intriguing collection. Shown is the holiday window display, highlighting the handmade papier maché dress, crafted from vintage newspaper. Also included are festive poinsettias, a variety of jewelry, and contributing to the natural motif, a rustic bird house, bird’s nest, and birch tree branches.

“We want women to be able to look their best. The first thing people notice about you is how you are dressed. Everything here is handmade and one-of-a-kind.”

Christina Depascal, owner of Depascal Atelier, also designs the clothes at the new women’s boutique. Opened in October at 20 Nassau Street, this is a unique and inviting new fashion studio.

As the designer, Ms. Depascal emphasizes natural materials, such as cotton, silk, and cashmere, and all her designs are one-of-a-kind. “I design the clothes, and my colleague does the sewing. We only have a few pieces of one outfit available,” she points out.

Indeed, the only other location where customers will find Ms. Depascal’s creations is at her other shop in Spring Lake, which she opened three years ago. Its popularity, including with Princeton customers, prompted her to open in Princeton.

Many Clients

“We had so many clients from Princeton in Spring Lake, people who had beach houses or just came there for a shore vacation, and they kept asking us to come to Princeton.”

The Nassau Street location was available, and Ms. Depascal felt Princeton would be a good match for her designs. “There has really been a great response. People are coming in all the time, and I really enjoy meeting them. They are coming from the Princeton area and beyond. Everything has gone so smoothly.”

There is no doubt that customers are attracted to Ms. Depascal’s unique designs and styles, but they also enjoy the shop’s charming decor. Clothes are displayed not on typical racks, but on birch tree branches. Other birch branches are situated at various points throughout the shop, enhancing the natural motif Ms. Depascal has created. In addition, French and American artwork is displayed on the walls.

A simple elegance pervades both the store and the fashions that are displayed.

Dresses, blouses, and skirts, often featuring special accent and detail, predominate in the collection. Many of the sleeves feature the atelier’s signature elbow patches (often heart-shaped). Other sleeves offer unusual touches, such as ruffles at the elbow or wrist. Highlights include cotton dresses with ruched hem and matching trim on the sleeves, and a whimsical navy skirt with anchor design, and white shirt continuing the nautical motif are “must-haves.” A number of sleeveless dresses are also on display.

Fetchingly Feminine

Plaid is featured in several outfits, and Ms. Depascal reports that navy, always a classic color, is a favorite with customers at the moment.

The hats at Depascal Atelier are a definite highlight. Described as “modern/vintage,” they are in all styles, including brimmed, always fetchingly feminine. In a variety of colors, they are mostly of cashmere and fine wool. Summer hats include linen and tweed.

“Hats are really popular now,” notes Ms. Depascal. “They look great, and also, when you wear them, you don’t need to do your hair! Hats dress you up.”

Helping women to look their best is key to Ms. Depascal’s mission. “Our style is conservative and feminine,” she points out. “Our clothes make women look pretty.”

In sizes 0 to 16, they are available to a variety of customers, who appreciate the European flair of Ms. Depascal’s fashions.

Princeton resident Cass Macdonald is a first time customer, and plans to be back again. “I find Depascal Atelier unique and extremely European and very stylish. It is unusual and different from other places here.”

Fashion Statement

Accessories always complete the fashion statement, and jewelry is a very important feature at the shop. It is all created by French artists, and as Ms. Depascal notes, “We highlight a different jewelry artist every month, and we represent the work of 62 different French artists.”

Delicate to dramatic, the collection offers striking gold cuff neckpieces, beautiful necklaces and earrings, and classic pearls, among other choices. Particularly unusual are colorful bracelets that are actually leather with silk threads, accented with bead work.

Scarves are an indispensable fashion staple that can enhance the look of any outfit, and many lovely scarves are available at the store. In addition, mini handbags and clutches customized with a name or initial are designed by Ms. Depascal, and she has also hand-painted a series of charming gift boxes.

Gorgeous scented candles from France are available in several styles, and their equally stunning containers can remain as a special decorative item long after the candle has burned down.

Perfume is also part of the store’s selection, and is an always welcome holiday gift.

In addition to Ms. Depascal’s expertise in fashion design, she is also an experienced make-up artist. Having practiced this art for a number of years, she provides make-up for brides and wedding parties, for events, including fashion, runway, film, and TV. She also gives make-up lessons.

Depascal Atelier is a unique addition to the Princeton shopping scene, offering high-end, high-quality, and one-of-a-kind choices.

Ms. Depascal is delighted to be off to such a good start, and she looks forward to becoming an important part of the community.

The studio is open Monday through Wednesday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursday through Saturday 10 to 8, and Sunday 10 to 4. Hours may be extended for holiday shopping. (732) 693-7900.