October 14, 2015

Princeton Junior School Is An IB World School

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Princeton Junior School has been named an IB World School, receiving its authorization and making it the only private elementary school in New Jersey to offer this Primary Years Program.

The International Baccalaureate is a not-for-profit educational foundation headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. The IB’s Primary Years Program is a framework that links traditional academic subjects with conceptual and inquiry-based learning. It emphasizes hands-on activities with international relevance that also develops critical thinking. This program is part of a continuum for middle school, high school and beyond. However, Ms. Clark asserts that the IB PYP prepares PJS graduates for success as they continue their education. “Our students have an edge because we are now an integral part of a global community providing them with multicultural perspectives.”

As an IB World School, Princeton Junior School joins more than 2,000 schools around the globe that have adopted this approach to elementary education. A recent study found that students in the IB Primary Years Program outperformed non-IB students in mathematical literacy, reading, narrative writing, and expository writing. According to Ms. Clark, it took more than three years to earn authorization and the program has already had a positive impact on Princeton Junior School’s student body.