March 11, 2015

Hair and Make-up Services for All Ethnicities Offered at Makeovers Studio on Leigh Avenue

LOOKING GOOD: “We provide hair and make-up services for the multi-cultural community, specializing in wavy, curly, and kinky hair,” explain Nelson (left), and Najwa Comeau, owner-operators of the new Makeovers Studio on Leigh Avenue. They look forward to introducing their services to many more clients.

LOOKING GOOD: “We provide hair and make-up services for the multi-cultural community, specializing in wavy, curly, and kinky hair,” explain Nelson (left), and Najwa Comeau, owner-operators of the new Makeovers Studio on Leigh Avenue. They look forward to introducing their services to many more clients.

Helping clients to look their best is the goal of the owner-operators of Makeovers Studio at 21 Leigh Avenue. Najwa Comeau and Nelson opened the new hair and make-up salon in October, 2014. Both are experienced hair and make-up artists, and believed the timing was right to offer their special skills to the community.

“We think we are filling a need in Princeton for hair and make-up services for the multi-cultural community,” explains Nelson, who has previously worked as a stylist in New York City, Philadelphia, and the Princeton area.

“We are about helping you to find ways to reinvent yourself,” adds Najwa, whose specialty is make-up. “A new look can give you new confidence!”

She was especially pleased to open the new studio at the location of her grandmother’s former salon, Burrell’s Salon/Impulse Corner.

Grandmother’s Legacy

Doris Burrell opened the salon in 1947, and owned and operated it until its closing 12 years ago. The salon drew customers from all over the Princeton area, and as far away as Asbury Park and New York. Customers included a mix of ages and ethnic backgrounds.

“I enjoy carrying on the legacy of my grandmother and continuing what she started,” says Najwa. “She had the first business owned by a black woman in Princeton, and she inspired the careers of a lot of people. I helped my grandmother in the salon when I was a girl, and I liked to be there. I was always interested in hair and make-up.”

Najwa and Nelson completely renovated the space, removing walls, adding new lighting, and artwork. Many of the paintings are Nelson’s original work.

“Eventually, we hope to have an ‘Art Night Out’ once or twice a month, where people can come, enjoy the artwork, have refreshments, and spend time together with us,” notes Nelson.

In addition to her paintings, Nelson’s creativity extends to her hand-crafted jewelry, which is on display. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and anklets are all available for sale. She also creates silk pillow cases, which are noted for helping to keep hair styles in place overnight when one is asleep.

Hair and make-up services are the major focus at the studio. Both licensed cosmetologists, Najwa and Nelson keep up on the latest advances and techniques. Both had previously worked as make-up and hair artists at photo shoots for magazines, billboards, and fashion shows and events.

Open to Learning

As they point out, “It is very important to keep up with all the advances and new techniques in both the hair and make-up fields. We are always learning and always open to learning.”

“Nelson is a master stylist, and specializes in hair extensions and color,” continues Najwa. “She knows about many kinds of extensions, and also has special training for non-surgical hair replacements.

“The right system is important,” points out Nelson. “There are temporary extensions and semi-permanent ones. Extensions are very popular today.”

Straightening and relaxers are other services, and different kinds of techniques, including keratin treatments, are available. Steam treatment to restore moisture to hair is another service.

Dreadlocks and braiding are also offered, and in addition, wigs are available. “Sometimes, people have wigs for medical or religious reasons, while other times, they just want a change in their look,” reports Nelson.

Treatments for dry hair, thinning hair, and scalp conditions are also available, as is corrective care for those who have had a bad hair day or for do-it-yourselfers who have made color mistakes.


“Color is extremely important,” says Nelson. “One of my specialties is color for relaxed hair. It must be done properly.”

“Color is a “must-have” for many clients, and for many reasons,” adds Najwa. “Some people want to look as natural as possible; others want to go with a trend or make a statement, and be ‘out there! The sky’s the limit!”

Both Najwa and Nelson emphasize that it is essential that color be applied with careful attention and professional care.

“If you want to make a statement, come to us!” says Najwa, with a smile. “You can have a make-over, and your hair and make-up will reach a whole new level.”

Make-up lessons and applications are available, as well as make-up for weddings, proms, and other special occasions. “It should be occasion-appropriate make-up,” points out Najwa. “Make-up can change for different occasions and from day to evening; just as your wardrobe changes, your face can change. And there is an art to it.

“The idea with make-up, really, is to look like yourself, but enhanced. With instruction, you can learn to apply make-up in five minutes — the ‘Five Minute Face!’ Be sure to have all the products you need nearby and only the ones you will use. First, even out the skin, then groom the eyebrows, apply liner and mascara, blush, lip — and you’re done!

“Five Minute Face”

Najwa adds that skin type — color, tone, oily, dry, etc. — is important for make-up choices. Make-up can also change seasonally, as in summer or winter, and life-style is another issue.

“I teach a workshop on the ‘Five Minute Face’, and focus on office to evening,” she explains. “You go to work with day-appropriate make-up, and you can take that same face with you for an evening occasion. I’ll show you how to make it ‘evening’ without washing, just a little sprucing up to make it evening-appropriate, and you’re ready to go!

“What I enjoy so much about make-up is seeing how much everyone likes it. Make-up is fun. I work with so many ages, and it’s creative and artistic. We have young teens come in, and they may be experimenting with make-up for the first time. We want to help them with appropriate make-up and also to learn about proper hygiene with the use of make-up. It is also important not to keep make-up products too long, especially eye products. For example, you should get new mascara after three months.”

As in the case of the hair industry, make-up changes have exploded over the years, reports Najwa. “There are so many more shades and products and techniques today than when I first started.”

The clients at Makeovers Studio are all ages and ethnic backgrounds, and include a number of men, who are often experimenting with color, especially gray reduction, and eye brow grooming, notes Nelson.

“Generally, with hair, our bread and butter is style and blow dry, and frequently for clients who come in once a week.”

Three Generations

The salon is offering a $20 discount off hair services for first time customers.

Both Najwa and Nelson are pleased that the studio is off to such an encouraging start, including enthusiastic word-of-mouth communication.

“It’s wonderful to have the business here,” adds Najwa. “I grew up and went to school in this neighborhood. How many people can say they have a business in their home town? And there are three generations in town: my grandmother, my mother, and me. Also, my brother Shahid Abdul-Karim is a policeman in Princeton.

“I feel blessed to carry on my grandmother’s legacy, and also to work side by side with Nelson, who is so much like and just as talented as my grandmother.

“We look forward to growing the business and building a brand of quality that people can count on. We want to be a staple in the community. We believe we are helping people feel good about themselves. When they look better, they feel better, have more confidence and self-esteem. It’s very creative work, and the fun part is seeing how happy our clients are.”

Makeovers Studio is open Monday by appointment, Tuesday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Wednesday 11 to 7, Thursday 10 to 8, Friday 10 to 6, Saturday 10 to 4. (609) 285-3721. Facebook: Makeovers Studio 21.