December 10, 2014

Ommie’s Mini Boutique at Chelsea Crimpers Is the New “Little Store for Little Ones”

Something new has arrived at the Chelsea Crimpers Salon at 44 Spring street, and customers are loving it! An adorable children’s boutique fits snugly in a special section of the popular salon.

Just opened in October, this charming addition is already attracting customers, who are delighted to find an appealing selection of clothes and gifts for newborns and children up to six years old.

“We have unique baby clothes, special occasion items, and gifts that you don’t see everywhere, and this was an opportunity to present the boutique in Princeton,” says owner Emily Pawlikowski, whose father, Bob Luovolo, is the proprietor of Chelsea Crimpers. “Being in the salon makes it a family operation, and the customers are enjoying that too.”

Ms. Pawlikowski is experienced in children’s retail, having worked in the field for the past eight years, including at Janie and Jack’s children store in Princeton MarketFair. She also had her own business in the area.

Popular Lines

“I’ve tried to offer a very diversified selection,” she explains, and indeed, customers will find everything from layettes and baby blankets to sweaters and dresses for little girls, outfits for boys, including coats, both informal and dress, and a variety of toys and gifts.

Popular lines, both imported and domestic, include Biscotti, Magnolia Baby, Kissy Kissy, le Top, and Sozo. Shoes and boots, and fun socks with novelty animal accents are also favorites.

The items are hard to resist: adorable onesies and layettes, some with matching caps and pants; traditional red and green velvet holiday dresses for little girls; dress and tight combinations, hand-knitted sweaters in holiday motif and ballerina design; a handmade red crocheted poncho — these are just some of the choices.

Outerwear includes buttery soft snowsuits for babies, play and dress coats for boys and girls; and a very special young boy’s herringbone jacket with velvet collar will be a wonderful surprise.

Heirloom Quality

“I really like the opportunity to dress children to look like children rather than little adults,” points out Ms. Pawlikowski.

The boutique also carries christening gowns and first communion dresses, which are not available in all children’s stores. “These are silk and cotton, and are really heirloom quality. They can be passed down in the family.”

The gifts, toys, and specialty items round out the selection. Gund and Ganz stuffed animals (including toy reindeer and gingerbread men) in assorted sizes; a fun knitted “lion” backpack; “My First Purse”, a little pocketbook, complete with pretend cell phone and compact; colorful plastic aprons and bibs; and “Animal Friends, Color By the Number” toy dog and cat with felt markers (which can be washed off and re-colored) are all on display.

Diminutive baby pillows, baby keepsake boxes, photo albums, and rattles are other choices, all in a variety of price points. Toys and animals start at $10, a layette is in the $45 range, and dress with tights $50.

Special Occasion

A grand opening sale is currently available, with a 25 percent discount on all items.

What is so incredibly appealing about a children’s store, particularly one featuring items for babies, is the sense of “newness”. All the items are new, and for the child, they will be new experiences — whether a toy, or a new dress, or special occasion item.

“Remember, a child never had this dress before or this toy before,” says Ms. Pawlikowski. “Everything is new and exciting to a small child. I always love seeing children come in, and buying for children is a happy experience. It’s all fun; the newborns are so special — and so are all the ages!”

She adds that the response has been very encouraging. Customers are coming in and leaving with a special item. “We are definitely a place grandmother’s love!” she says, with a smile. “People come in and say, ‘I’m so glad you’re here!’”

Ommie’s Mini Boutique is open Tuesday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (609) 924-1824.