July 30, 2014

Author Illuminates Lighthouse History at Plainsboro Library

lighthousesAuthor and photographer Kevin Woyce will present an illustrated lecture on lighthouse history at the Plainsboro Public Library at 7 p.m., on Thursday, August 7, National Lighthouse Day.

In his book, Lighthouses of the Jersey Shore, Mr.Woyce spells out where to find America’s oldest working lighthouse; the third-tallest lighthouse in the United States; “twin” lighthouses on a mountaintop; and much more.  He will share his findings – and his photographs– with the audience.

In addition, he will talk about lighthouse history, starting with the ancient Pharos of Alexandria. Built between 280 and 247 B.C., rising between 393 and 450 feet tall, the Pharos was one of the tallest man-made structures on earth for many centuries, and was regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

A lifelong resident of New Jersey, Mr. Woyce has published several books on the Jersey Shore and New Jersey state parks. He has also written histories of the Statue of Liberty, the Hudson River and its lighthouses; and of Niagara Falls.

The lecture is part of the Plainsboro Public Library’s summer program, which is made possible by funding from the Plainsboro Free Public Library Foundation.

The library is located at 9 Van Doren Street; phone  (609)275-2898.