June 11, 2014

With Primary Over, Mayor Lempert Urges Council To Move On to Focus on Challenges, Opportunities

To the Editor:

I want to congratulate my colleagues, Bernie Miller and Jo Butler, for their victories last Tuesday. And I want to thank Bernie, Jo, and Sue Nemeth for stepping forward to run. Primary elections are often the most difficult, but that doesn’t mean we should avoid them. I think we can all agree that we are lucky to live in a community where we have people who feel passionately about local government and are willing to put themselves forward to serve.

This election has been hard fought and at times contentious. But now that the votes are in, it is time for us to come together. The fact is, this town belongs to all of us, and we all benefit when we can work together in making it a better place.

I’ve always felt government works best with mutual respect and collaboration. I now urge my colleagues to put aside the acrimony, backroom personal attacks, and grandstanding that have hindered this Council’s effectiveness. Robust debate in open meetings and committees need not be uncivil. Elected officials should strive to treat each other and our professional staff with respect. Disagreement need not preclude ultimate compromise.

It is important for Council to move on to focus on the challenges and opportunities facing us. We have an administrator position to fill, concerns to address over the demolition of the old hospital site, and significant work to do in combining the former Borough and Township ordinances. In addition, we need to continue our work on the long-term goals of making this a more affordable community, a more bikable and walkable community, and a place of innovation.

I look forward to working with my colleagues on the Council, my fellow residents, and our municipal staff on the important work ahead.

Liz Lempert

Meadowbrook Drive