June 11, 2014

Butler Thanks Supporters in a Primary That Has Been “A Lesson in Democracy”

To the Editor:

I am delighted to be a Democratic nominee for Council in November 2014, and I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to those who supported my candidacy. I did not win this primary on my own. My supporters won it for me, and I will not forget their hard work and vote of confidence in my service on Council. I also want to thank everyone who participated in the process and demonstrated for the larger community that Princeton Democrats value competition and a diversity of viewpoints and can shake hands and turn to the people’s business when the results are in.

I offer my sincere congratulations to Council President Bernie Miller on his primary victory, and I thank Sue Nemeth for her gracious words when the election results were final. Sue has given generously of her time and her talents to our community and has a record of dedication to public service that is commendable.

This campaign and election have been a lesson in democracy. Every vote counts! Now that the primary is over, it is time to move forward and focus on the work that Council has before it. It goes without saying, but I want to stress, that as a Council member my responsibility is to represent all Princeton residents to the best of my ability and to work with the mayor and my colleagues to serve the public and meet the goals we have set ourselves in order to fulfill the promises of consolidation.

Jo Butler

Princeton Council, Hibben Road